As an essential service supporting insurance, finance, accounting and litigation we have continued to work with our clients to mitigate the risk of COVID 19 for our appraisal and risk management teams in conducting inspections. Ergo, we have been able to advance appraisal and risk management engagements so our client’s applications for insurance, financing, or other purposes can proceed without delay.

As we have been planning our engagements, we are contending with travel restrictions which have forced us to look at travel routes and strategic use of our staffing. As we did this, we started at looking at all the countries we have been pleased to work in the last few years. As the map below depicts, we truly have a global reach and this continues today as we plan current assignments in countries such as Lithuania, Poland, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and all over North America.

Thanks to you, our valued clients, we have been pleased to expand our North American network of offices, while bringing on appraisers based in Europe and South America to better serve your needs. At this time we wanted to thank you for the continued trust in our services and appreciate your patience as we develop processes (such as conducting inspections at maintenance shutdowns or off peak hours) to keep your organization’s and our appraisal teams safe!