Risk Management

We know how valuable your property and your assets are.

We can help you protect them to minimize your risk of loss, liability and damage to reputation.

We provide consultancy, reporting and practical workshops focussed on minimizing the risk of losses associated with the use of your property – whether it’s for a condominium complex, a school science lab, municipal building, industrial facility or a playground.

Our work provides the necessary information to complete Risk Identification and Risk Analysis of the Risk Management Process, including:

  • Identifying the potential risks / hazards of occupancy
  • Providing recommendations on ways to mitigate or eliminate the hazards

Our Approach

We provide a professional, impartial review of the risks associated with an occupancy; our comprehensive report can include:

  • Basic Construction
  • Common Hazards
  • Special Hazards
  • Hazards Controls – based on NFPA, CSA & Insurance Industry Standards
  • Fire Protection
  • Crime & Vandalism
  • Liability Hazards
  • Custom Client Specific Consultative Services
  • Recommendations for Improvement

Our reports and recommendations can form an integral part of your overall Risk Management Program and compliment the strategic and operational objectives of your organization.

Suncorp has provided Risk Management Services for hundreds of playgrounds.

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Risk Management

  • Property, Crime and Liability Surveys
  • COPE Reports
  • Custom Risk Assessments
  • Playground Audits
  • Playground Acceptance Audits and Playground Reviews
  • IA/PAA Shops & Science Laboratories Safety Surveys
  • IA/PAA Shops & Science Laboratories Safety Manuals
  • Occupational Health & Safety Program Development
  • Implementation Modules of OH&S Program
  • Post Loss Inspections
  • Training and Educational Seminars/Courses
  • Products and Contractor’s Liability Surveys.
  • Fire Protection Systems Testing and Training

We provide recommendations to some of the largest saw mills to assist with their loss prevention plans.

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“Suncorp Valuations has been an instrumental part of bringing prevention and loss control to the forefront of school boards in Saskatchewan. The bottom line associated with all this work is that the K – 12 school boards are paying less today for property and casualty insurance than they did in the year 2000. Well managed programs are only successful when you have talented and dedicated resources available to manage them.”

Dave Jackson

Former Director, Legal Services, Insurance & Risk Management, Saskatchewan School Boards Association

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