Asset Management

You always need to know what you have and how much it’s worth. Suncorp Valuations knows how to give you the most comprehensive record of your company’s assets.

Valuations involve creating an extensive listing of fixed assets and putting a value to them.

Often these up-to-date lists of our clients’ assets are invaluable and more often than not, more current than any other listing the client may already have.

As a result, we are often asked to implement management for those fixed assets. Over the years we’ve developed a system to manage fixed assets from valuation day forward allowing for tracking, accurate accounting and depreciation to be applied for accounting purposes.

“Suncorp Valuations has provided appraisal services for our most significant facilities in Canada and the U.S.   Their people work well with our operations staff to minimize disruption and the results are well received by our insurers and our engineering staff for current costing detail.”

Guy Forest, FCIP, CRM

Senior Manager, Insurance & Physical Risk, EPCOR Utilities Inc.

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