In the past three years there has been an increase in mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) activity compared to the prior few years. For example, in the mining sector we are seeing many of our clients opt for purchase of existing assets or companies versus green field exploration and the requisite costs and start up time to find new reserves of commodities.

As many of you are aware, Suncorp’s core services have long been valuations for insurance placement and that continues today. Additionally, we are recognized as industry experts in providing valuation services for Purchase Price Allocation (“PPA”) financial reporting requirements resulting from acquisitions. Accordingly, we felt it timely to offer this quick guide to Purchase Price Allocation Valuation.

Requirements for a Comprehensive PPA Valuation

So, what is required in a Purchase Price Allocation valuation? Essentially, the purchase price paid for the acquired company must be allocated to the tangible and intangible assets. Often, the requirement is driven by accounting standards such as International Financial Reporting Standard (“IFRS”) 3 or Financial Accounting Standard 141 (R) on Business Combinations. Purchase Price Allocation recognizes that most assets are recorded at Fair Value and limited life assets are amortized over their economic life. Accordingly, the tracking of this expense can have a profound impact on year to year reported earnings. Purchase Price Allocation determines Fair Value and allows investors to better assess the company’s worth in a transparent, objective manner.

A Case Study

We can best illustrate the concepts at hand with a recent case study, where we were called upon to assist a Chemical Manufacturing conglomerate as it purchased facilities in North and South America. We were called upon to report Fair Value in compliance with IFRS 3.

Tangible Assets involved in the operations and part of our scope of engagement were:

  • Owned Land
  • Owned Land Improvements
  • Owned Buildings
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Machines
  • Computer Hardware
  • Unlicensed Mobile Equipment
  • Licensed Vehicles
  • Assets Under Rental or Lease
  • Construction-in-Progress

As recommended by IFRS our reporting provided a level of detail/componentization that would facilitate reporting requirements relative to the purchased property. With consideration to the preceding, our service set out to:

  • Componentize and report the major buildings by major components (i.e. structure, roof coverings, interior finishes ad building services)
  • Segregate the Site Improvements by Type (i.e. paving, fencing, lighting, etc.)
  • Itemize the Machinery and Equipment with a Replacement Cost of $100,000 or greater

The Fair Value of other property such as office furnishings and equipment, computer hardware & software and minor tooling, which represented a small component of the overall value, was reported in logical groupings by type and location.

In accordance with IFRS guidelines, we understood that our client would utilize the assets’ Fair Value developed as part of this undertaking, as the cost base to be amortized over the assets’ Remaining Useful Life (“RUL”). Suncorp therefore, also provided an estimate of the RUL for each asset entry.

As per our initial client meeting, we understood that facilities to be purchased varied in terms of profitability. Hence, some economic obsolescence may apply to the less profitable plants. In this instance a Business Enterprise Valuation (“BEV”) determined on a plant-by-plant basis was considered an appropriate approach that would take into account Economic Obsolescence. This ensured that the purchase price allocation reflected “Fair Value” in accordance with IFRS.

Finally, our valuation services included determining the Fair Value of the Identifiable Intangible Assets.

Our valuation developed a comprehensive, supportable conclusion of Fair Value for financial reporting purposes. The provision of our services involved many steps including site inspections and cataloging the tangible assets in order to reach our conclusions of value. We would be happy to meet with you and/or your clients to fully explain PPA services. As we have demonstrated in this short article, this can be a complex endeavor with significant impact on the balance sheet of the purchasing organization.

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