Market Value Appraisals

At some point, every asset needs to be appraised for its market value.

Why appraise an asset?

  • Financing
  • Purchase/Sale Price Allocation
  • Litigation Support
  • Corporate Planning
  • Tax Matters, including Valuation Day Appraisals
  • Valuations for Privatization For Regulated Industries
  • Insurance Matters
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures
  • Expropriation

Suncorp Valuations provides appraisals and valuation opinions for the following asset classes:

  • Real Estate and Real Property
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Business Valuation  (Intangible Assets)

Market valuations can be complex, and experience is important.
Over the last 50 years Suncorp has delivered market value appraisals for coal mines, marquis Manhattan office buildings, national parks, shopping malls, chemical plants, casinos, food processors, cathedrals and stately homes.

In fact, we’ve done more than 50,000 appraisals across North America, and we have yet to meet a property we couldn’t value.

Suncorp’s business is value. Let us value yours.

Real Estate or Real Property Valuation

Real estate valuations and property appraisals are important and necessary; these asset classes can be complex and their values can fluctuate with market conditions.  Market Value appraisals are critical for real estate transactions, asset-based financing, for lease negotiations and litigation support.

Commercial Property Valuation

Commercial property valuations are based on a combination of what a reasonable buyer would be willing to pay and the intrinsic value of the property in-terms of revenue potential, which views the value of property through an investor’s eyes.

Suncorp has extensive experience in valuing all types of commercial real estate for hotels, industrial buildings, municipal infrastructure, retail and commercial office buildings, condominiums, utilities and religious properties.

Suncorp has completed over 50,000 appraisals.

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Machinery and Equipment Valuations

The valuation of Machinery and Equipment requires specialized knowledge based on experience.   Suncorp has been involved in valuing Machinery and Equipment in industries as diverse as mining, food processing, high tech manufacturing, retail and distribution.

Suncorp applies tremendous flexibility in delivering these projects in order to minimize any potential downtime and approaches each valuation on a case-by-case basis, using the value definition that is most appropriate to meeting your needs.

Suncorp is one of North America’s most experienced industrial appraisal firms.

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Business Valuation

The need to value a business will present itself in a number of different situations and the outcome of the valuation can affect business stakeholders, shareholders and employees.  Accurately valuing the business is key to ensuring fair value for stakeholders protecting company interests and allows for effective strategic planning.

Why value a business? 

  • Income tax issues
  • Shareholder or family ownership disputes
  • Divorce and division of assets
  • Public or private shareholder transactions
  • Goodwill impairment
  • Purchase/Sale price allocation
  • Fairness opinions for related party transactions
  • Employee share ownership plans
  • Strategic planning

Accurately determining business value involves looking at a number of factors that include:

  • Brand value and recognition
  • Barriers to entry
  • Intellectual property
  • Earning capacity
  • Dividend paying capacity
  • Market share
  • Product life cycles and positioning
  • Contribution of key personnel
  • Manufacturing capabilities and import network
  • Distribution network
  • Historical cash flow performance and future prospects

Our business is value.

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“Suncorp assembled a highly qualified project team including Members of the Appraisal Institute (“MAI”), Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute (“AACI”) and Accredited Senior Appraiser (“ASA”), American Society of Appraisers. All of the project team members had extensive experience with valuations for financial reporting and chemical processing facilities. This enabled a physical verification of the assets and a “Fair Value” determination with consideration to the three traditional approaches to value.”

Chukie Wijegoonewardane

Corporate Risk Manager, Chemtrade Logistics Inc.

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With more than 40 years in the industry, our team of experienced appraisers can meet all of your valuation needs.