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Here are some of the great reasons to explore a career at Suncorp. Come join us!

Career Growth and Meaningful Work

We make your career growth and professional development a priority. Through our Performance Management program, you are provided with the opportunity to rate your own performance and have scheduled conversations with your leader to discuss your growth and career progression.

We facilitate your career path and provide opportunities to increase your levels of challenge and responsibility.

We financially support the costs for obtaining and maintaining your professional designation.

We encourage you to attend seminars, speaker engagements, workshops, courses and more as part of your annual development plan.

We provide you with formal on the job training as well as ongoing mentoring and coaching.


Rewards and Recognition

Our Recognition program will recognize you for your ongoing contributions to Suncorp and your long service. You can expect to be recognized with your colleagues and receive cash awards at milestones during your career with Suncorp.

We link employee pay to performance. The higher your performance the quicker your pay will increase. If you are a consistent high performer, your annual salary will reflect it.

We offer a Short-Term Incentive Program to reward you for helping us achieve our business objectives.

Our competitive medical, dental and vision plans are designed to fit the diverse needs of you and your family. We also offer wellness allowances for such things as gym memberships, art classes, fitness clothing, nutrition support and more to encourage wellness and healthy living.

Well-being benefits are available including our Employee Family Assistance Program, online fitness programs, financial coaching and more.

We offer plans to help you save for retirement, with company matching programs.

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Work-Life Balance

We believe highly engaged employees provide a significant business advantage.

Our flexible work arrangements include remote and hybrid work as well as modified work arrangements.

We provide generous paid time off including sick leave, personal leave, and vacation. We won’t make you wait 10 years to earn more vacation time.



We don’t just say we have strong leadership; we have data to prove it. Our employees provide feedback to our leaders rating them in areas such as communicating a vision, trust, caring about wellbeing, providing feedback, supporting growth and development, fair treatment and taking action to address concerns.



Suncorp has a diverse workforce spread out across North America and Asia Pacific. One of our most important values is Respect.

Our Human Resource programs are designed to ensure that we treat our employees in a fair and equitable manner. Whether it is compensation, performance management or opportunities for advancement, rest assured that you will be provided with the same opportunities as your colleagues.

We care about our employees.

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Access to Information

At Suncorp, you can expect to hear directly from our entire Executive team at our all-employee presentations throughout the year. We ensure that our employees understand Suncorp’s goals and how their work supports the achievement of those goals. Our employees are kept informed of the company’s financial progress throughout the year and what the final numbers are once the dust has settled.

We conduct our Employee Engagement Survey every 24 months. We are transparent with the results, action plans and communication of progress. We encourage employees to provide feedback through surveys, opportunities to ask questions during presentations and participation in focus groups. If you were to ask any one of our employees, they would tell you that they can call anyone on our Executive team anytime.



Have you ever wanted to call someone in a leadership position and ask them “why do we do that?” or “can we do it this way?” At Suncorp, you can pick up the phone or better yet just call us on MS Teams and chat virtually about your ideas. We promise we will pick up, listen, and let you know what we can do.



Suncorp has been in business for almost 40 years. Tom Gardiner, our President and CEO has spent his entire career growing Suncorp into one of the premier valuation services companies in North America and beyond.

We are focused on long term sustainability, and we plan to provide you with a long term, rewarding career.



We will let you in on a few of our secrets. 

Our employees aren’t a number. Our President & CEO, Tom Gardiner gets to know you and wants to hear from you. In fact, Tom calls you directly during your first 30 days to see how things are going.

When we say we’re a team at Suncorp – we truly are! The results of our Employee Engagement Surveys speak for themselves. Our employees consistently say that they love working with their colleagues at Suncorp.

We like to have fun! We support our employee groups as they plan social activities so they can connect with their colleagues.

Most importantly, Suncorp is a place where you can just be yourself.

Employer of choice.

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