Bienvenue à Montréal Suncorp

At Suncorp Valuations, we have over 50 years of experience in assessing value – market value and insurance replacement value for property of all types: diamond mines to water and wastewater systems; condominium complexes to retail malls; or pulp & paper mills to the house down the road, and all things in between.

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Purchase Price Allocation

In the past three years there has been an increase in mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) activity compared to the prior few years. For example, in the mining sector we are seeing many of our clients opt for purchase of existing assets or companies versus green field...

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Underinsurance – Whitepaper

Why are some properties under insured? Under ​insurance happens when policy holders: Do not account for the effects of inflation on insurance coverage Underestimate the replacement costs of buildings and their contents Do not factor in professional costs such as...

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