Learning Objective: To discuss the recommended inspection practices for Playgrounds after winter conditions.

The requirements/recommended practices for inspections of playgrounds follows CSA Z614 “Children’s Playspaces and Equipment Standards”. Compliance with this CSA standard will help to reduce injuries on playground equipment. This document will discuss the recommended practices for Playground Inspections before opening in the spring.


Design & Operation
  1. All Playgrounds should be installed according to the most current CSA standard.
  2. A “third party” detailed Playground Safety Audit should be in place on all equipment.
  3. Standard impact protection, sand, pea gravel, wood chips, rubber, etc. should be maintained at all times.
  4. Damaged equipment should be repaired or removed from play immediately to help prevent injury.


Spring Time Inspection
  1. Have any changes taken place to the equipment over winter that could affect the integrity of the playground structures.
  2. Is all playground equipment in good condition with no damage or missing pieces?
  3. Is all impact protection materials maintained to appropriate depths to help minimize exposure to injury (Tilling or top up may be required after winter snow pack)?
  4. Check to make sure all standing water is drained as quickly as possible or device cordoned off until such time as this water can be drained.
  5. If needed, Cordon off equipment from use should repairs, standing water, or other damage be evident.
  6. Is appropriate signage provided and visible alerting patrons to current conditions?


Regular Inspection/Maintenance Schedule
  1. Daily/weekly: Visual inspection for broken glass, vandalism, animal droppings, damaged equipment, etc. Replenish or rake ground cover.  This inspection should be conducted before students arrive in the morning (if a school) and can be performed by any staff member or a custodian. The inspection and any corrective action should be logged in a daily journal. (Appropriate maintenance department staff should be notified immediately if any concerns are noted. Have process in place, work order or communications system, documented inspections and follow up.)
  2. Monthly:This is a more detailed inspection and must be recorded on an appropriate equipment checklist form. This inspection should be conducted by a certified inspector. Any maintenance or repairs noted on the checklist should be acted upon immediately, and recorded when completed.
  3. Annually:This is a comprehensive audit of the playground site that should be conducted by a certified playground inspector.  Contact your applicable department office or ourselves if needed.  Annual Audits should be provided as per current CSA standards.



For additional information, contact:

Doug Taylor, CRM, CCPI
Managing Director, Risk Management Group