Whitepaper – Developing Accurate Insurable Values

Suncorp has more than 50 years experience providing insurance costing for all types of asset classes – commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal, allowing property owners and corporations to properly insure their assets to value.

Insuring to value brings “peace of mind”, under insurance is prevalent in today’s business environment while the propensity for insurable losses is increasing!

Protect yourself by developing accurate, current insurable values. Here is a quick test using a spreadsheet format to test your statement of values. Take a building in your portfolio and a room or area within the building and itemize as per the attached spreadsheet. Is there gaps in the information, how current is it?

This type of cross check should assist your organization in validating their statement of values and having a frank discussion with your insurance broker on establishing your insurable values.

Developing Accurate Insurable Values

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